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ankh wadjA seneb (life, prosperity, health)

If you are wanting to learn Ancient Egyptian (medu netcher)
or just would like to learn about Ancient Egypt this is the link for you.…

If you would like the Egyptian unicode download here…

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Khnum, Khnemu, Xnmu
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Shu, Sw
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OQ: Battle Maiden by MulciberVolcanus
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OQ: The Deer God by MulciberVolcanus
Objects, Symbols, iAt
Egyptian Sealed Letter by Neferchau
Hieroglyph, medu netjer
Book of the Dead by Neferchau
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makeup, sedem
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Altar, shrine, Hotep
Feast of the Beautiful Reunion 3 by Sonnenkatze346
Qetesh, Kadesh, ktS

Mature Content

OQ: Lady Love by MulciberVolcanus


Welcome to the group Kemet Art.

nyny aqu/ greetings friends

Kemet is one of the medu netcher/Ancient Egyptian word for Egypt.

This group is dedicated to all those who love Kemet, the culture, the religion, the gods, the language, the art and those who would like to learn more.
Lets try to keep the high fantasy art limited. I just mean stay away from anime cartoon crossover and things of that nature. Try to keep this somewhat historical. If it is realistic fiction that is ok or a realistic character you have made. Furry's are welcome and their art so long as it fits the rules. Also Kemetic alters are welcome as well.

A little about me. I have always been interested in Ancient Egypt. I can speak and write the Egyptian language (medu netcher) with pretty good working proficiency, but I could always use more practice. I wish to share my interest of Egyptian art, religion and culture with others and meet more people who share my love.  

How the folder are set up.
I have set up the names to the folders with the Original Egyptian name of the gods as well as the Greek and Romen names they go by in modern times. I use MDC when I write Ancient Egyptian (medu netcher) A short explanation… . Each folder will display their Original Egyptian names phonetically then, MDC, Then the Greek and Roman names. For Example The 'Isis folder' (Phonetic -Auset, Original Egyptian MDC- Ast, Greek- Isis ). In Some cases we only know the Original Egyptian names.  I set up the folders in this manor so those who do not know the gods real names can learn them and those of us who do and only use their real names can also find the folder easier. But those of us who do not speak the language or have never heard of their real names can also share their art here by being able to find their Greek and Roman counter parts.

EGYPTIAN RESOURCES for you if you would like to learn more about Egypt…

~1) Be respectful of others.
~2) No racism, sexism, or bigotry of any sort. Please do not insult another member over the race or color of their art work of the gods or the Egyptian people. Doing this will result in being immediately banned. People draw the way they see fit and it should be respected. If you don't agree that, it is fine, you can draw the gods however you wish. But insulting an other member or art will result in being banned.
~3) Place the art accordingly. There are folders for all of the most popular gods. If I need to make another folder just message me. There is a small description in each folder if you are still not sure just ask.
~4) Please join the group if you are going to submit works here and read the rules first before submitting multiple works.
~5) Be respectful towards the gods in your art and keep it somewhat historically accurate 'with in reason'.
~6) Please keep high modern fantasy art limited. I mean stay away from anime cartoon crossovers. If I can't tell what god it is or if it just seems like Yu-Gi-Oh rip offs it wont be submitted here. Please refer to rule #5 thank you.
~7) Regarding art with one or more gods in it. If there are two or more gods in an art work please place them in the (netcheru, The Gods) folder or (Xnemu, Couples) folder. If it is two gods who are really distinct and stands out please feel free to submit it to both the gods folders who are in the art. I wont get mad that it was double submitted. Such as a lot of art concerning Anpu and Ammut.
~8) Failure to continue to ignore the rules of this group will end up in being blocked. Take the time to review the short list of rules please.
~9) This is not a pan-African or Kemeticism group so please refer to rule #2 Thanks.

Note: If there isn't a specified folder for the art you wish to submit please just send me a note with the art work and the folder name you wish me to make and I will gladly do so. I don't mind. I am still working on folders for all the gods and goddesses so please be patient. Considering there are hundreds of netjeru/ gods please be patient.

☥ Senebty/ Farewell
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Hi. As you know, I paint Canaanite god/desses. I only submit the ones here that have Egyptian cognates (which, Canaan having been in the possession of Egypt for many years, are numerous). I have one piece, OQ: The Noble Mother, which is of the goddess Wašaṯ. It's possible that she's related to Seshat, though that relation is tenuous compared to everything else I've submitted. So I wanted to ask first: should I submit it to the Seshat folder?
Sylent-Fantome Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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MulciberVolcanus Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Professional General Artist
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And add my new art about Goddess Hathor:

New Goddess Hathor (Hator) about pool:…

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senebty/ farewell 
talfar Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Professional Writer

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And add my new art about Goddess Hathor:

New Goddess Hathor (Hator) about pool:…

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